Doctor Gravity Title

Dr. Gravity (and the Invention of Gravity)

no home among planetoids

Team of 5. 4 Months. 2010. Canceled.

“Gravity Platformer” with a character switching orbits between planets. After several months of development, it was chucked, the tech was picked over, and it became Nous.

Dr. Gravity chronicled the inventions of Lucius Gravity, a forgotten British scientist from the 16th century who discovered gravity but was brushed under the rug of history. Starting with the concept, “Gravity Platformer”, it evolved to be a Pac-Man like game in which the player used gravity to quickly slingshot around planets, avoiding a trail of hostile goo, while collecting the breadcrumbs of crystals. After the player collected enough, a powerup would spawn, which would allow the player a few seconds of attack. Astute readers of history will note that Pac-Man: CE: DX came out the very fall Dr. Gravity was being developed.


Dr. Gravity Storybook Intro

Supporting Documents

Download the Game Design Doc for Dr. Gravity.