brett cutler, game designer.


Currently at 17-BIT, building a Galak-Z.

New projects to come.


it's even better with your eyes closed

Galak-Z: Procedural 80s Space Anime


Skulls of the Shogun: (Advance Wars + Skeleton Cannibalism)

Video Games

Nous – breakdown of AI psychology

RHINOPOCALYPSE – break it all

[PRESSURE] – An Emotive Game About the Crush of Responsibilities

Dr. Gravity And The Invention of Gravity (canceled) – Gravity Platformer. Became Nous.

Monster King! – Turn-based, ASCII dungeon RPG

Super Run Away – Chase platformer with the power to phase through walls

Physical Games

Expand The Front! – Pacific WarStrategy Board Game focused on supply lines

Ready to Fire – World War I Artillery Simulation Design

I Was A Teenage Humanimal! (Brawler) – Tabletop melee game with injected animal powers

I Was A Teenage Humanimal (Shooter) – Tabletop corridor shooter with injected animal powers

Have At Thee! – An historical duel recorded in card game form

Blue Yonder – High-flying pen-and-paper RPG campaign setting

Danger Zone – Board game of rescuing survivors in a crumbling city

Turf War – Tile-based card game of corridors and territory control

Topple Towers – Constructive, destructive dice game